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Fibroid Tumors

Fibroids are the most common, solid pelvic tumor found in women. They are benign, but they often cause pelvic pressure and heavy uterine bleeding. Some women have no symptoms with fibroids and only need to be followed. Others need intervention, due to symptoms such as pelvic pain, heavy periods, and anemia.

ACOG suggests alternatives to hysterectomy in women who wish to preserve their uterus for childbearing. There is no simple, long-term medical treatment for fibroids. However, discuss with your physician which medications may help with your symptoms to delay or avoid surgery.

For women who desire uterine preservation, myomectomy (or fibroid removal) may be an option. The goal of a myomectomy procedure is to remove the visible and accessible fibroids and then reconstruct the uterus. Traditionally, most myomectomies are performed through a large incision, though for some Patients, a laparoscopic approach is an option.

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